Export feature released!


Nowadays the internet is the place of a greater exchange of information. Just by browsing any website, we produce data without even realizing it, and over time we produce more and more of it.
More and more services on the internet are using this data not only to provide better service to their users, but often, subtly, as a tool to force the user to continue using the service.

The rate of trust in internet services is endemically low. Some companies do not like that so they try to force their users to stay by making the abandonment of the service difficult or impossible.

At Hi.diplo we are deeply convinced that these practices are not only incorrect but also unethical. We want users to continue being our customers because they find our service to be the best. For this reason, we want our users to be able to download all the data at Hi.diplo at any time and free of charge.

To do so, today we are announcing the Hi.diplo’s export feature!

Thanks to the export feature, you will be able to download all of the events on your project’s timeline. Whether you do it out of curiosity or because you want to leave (hopefully not), it makes no difference.

It’s only right that you can do it and you should pretend it from all the services you use.